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Image of a fresh cherry by Clark Reeh

Commercial Photography Services

In business the successful company realizes that the right tools for the job cam be the difference between profit and pink slips. As you prepare you media and marketing campaigns remember that professional photography is as important a resource as spell check.

Your imagery is your face to the world. It is your first impression to potential clients. Make sure the image you put out there displays your company as professional and capable. Clark will work with you to discover your companies greatest assets and then create a photographic image that screams confidence and success.

  • Affordable yet professional services geared specifically for small business
  • Headshots for all marketing media including Social Media and printed brochures
  • Specializing in Architectural, Food and Product photography
  • Product and conceptual photography to enhance your image to the public
  • Real Estate MLS and Insurance Property File Photos
  • Industrial and patent photography with a secure login proofing system
  • Enjoy a brief sampling of Clark's work ...

Island Girl Expressions - close-up catalog photography of handmade silver jewelery

Standard Photography Session Rates: $125/hr*

Photography Session Packagescan be made available to suite your situation and budget. Product shots can be scheduled in-house at your location or at our Brighton, Colorado studio.

Photography Packages are available at your location or shooting in our Brighton, Colorado studio. Call 720-384-6465 to schedule a free consultation or for more package details.

*Product and Package pricing available.

Affordable Insurance File Photos

Clark can handle the insurance file photos for you!

The paperwork is due by the end of the day, and you just don't have the time to run across town to shoot pictures of the new property!

Clark can help, he will do the legwork for you, at a very reasonable cost.

We provide quality photography for as low as $8 per address, usually within one day. All photos are formatted to your specifications and emailed directly to you, usually that same day*. No more running late, stressing about taking an hour or two out of your day, or missing appointments because of traffic. Clark recognizes the need for fast, affordable, reliable photography services to the busy insurance and real estate professionals. If you need it now, but just cannot get away, call 720-384-6465 to schedule your shots today.

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Thank you for visiting Clark's Photo Gallery

The illustration of the enormity of alternative energy

Clark Reeh is a Colorado native with an eye for detail and passion for art. Clark's photography experience reaches back to the film days where he honed his skills as a wedding photographer and landscape hunter. His talent for creating a very unique look from very ordinary subjects created a natural evolution to product photography. "Making the Ordinary Appear Extraordinary" is not just a slogan for Clark, call today to see how he can help illuminate your product, real estate or just about anything else in its best light. Feel free to use the menu at the top of this page to view Clark's portfolios and learn about his photographic services.

Real Estate Photography Services

Don't settle for "quick and dirty" MLS photos - Call Clark!

In today's Real Estate market you need every edge to get the best price for your seller and professional photography can be the difference in getting the showings and simply being a listing. Clark will visit with you to provide a free consultation and up front proposal to find the best way to display your property.  Clark has worked with Realtors throughout the Denver Metro area on commercial, residential and land projects.  He will work to get your images back to you as fast as possible because he realizes time is money, often he can shoot and process within just a few days. Jump start your listing, call Clark today 720-384-6465

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Patent Photography

Macro, micro or confidential photographic sessions for products, concepts and prototypingHave you built a better mousetrap? Or created the next big thing? You'll need high quality photography to show it in its best light.

Clark understands that Patent photography is unique to all other product sessions, and the sensitive nature of the work and security involved. Vivid, accurate color, sharpness and setting is key to a successful patent shot. He shoots your product, concept and prototype in its best light to show all key elements and functionalities. 

Each Patent Photography project is contracted on a "work for hire" basis with all rights remaining to the client, as well as a standard non-disclosure agreement. We can bring our equipment to your facility, or shoot it in our studio, your choice.

Before you put your patent package together, please contact Clark directly to schedule a free initial consult.