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Affordable Insurance File Photos

Clark can handle the insurance file photos for you!

The paperwork is due by the end of the day, and you just don't have the time to run across town to shoot pictures of the new property!

Clark can help, he will do the legwork for you, at a very reasonable cost.

We provide quality photography for as low as $8 per address, usually within one day. All photos are formatted to your specifications and emailed directly to you, usually that same day*. No more running late, stressing about taking an hour or two out of your day, or missing appointments because of traffic. Clark recognizes the need for fast, affordable, reliable photography services to the busy insurance and real estate professionals. If you need it now, but just cannot get away, call 720-384-6465 to schedule your shots today.

The Standard Insurance Property Session:

Includes up to 5 exterior shots; front, back**, sides and electrical/utilities**.
$10 (within 10 miles) Our base is located at I-25 & 120th.
Additional addresses within the same session: $8 each. (within 5 miles of initial address)

Photos are emailed directly to your office, usually within that same day. Images can be saved to CD if required. If you have many addresses per month, you can also hire Clark on a retainer basis or for package rates.

Affordable Insurance File Photos throughout ColoradoArea/Rate Breakdown:

  • Within 10 miles: $10 for the first address
  • (incl: Thornton, Brighton, Westminster, Louisville, etc)
  • 11-20 miles: $15 for the first address
  • (incl: Longmont, Golden, Aurora, Boulder)
  • 21-30 miles: $20 for the first address
  • (incl: Berthoud, Evergreen, Parker, Nederland, etc)
  • 30+ miles: .80¢ per mile for the first address***.
    (incl: anywhere in the state of Colorado)

For more than 5 addresses within a session, or if your additional addresses are out of the areas shown, please call or email Clark at 720-384-6465 for special rates.

* same day file processing in most cases, scheduling for the actual shoot may require advanced notice.
** contingent on access from property owner or previously arrange client approval

*** mountain locations weather permitting.